Let’s talk!!


Here’s a question for y’all sweethearts:

What interests you and why?

For me it is writing(and reading). Writing fills me with crazy level of energy. Leaves me exhilerated and gleeful.

I’m fascinated by the way that words can be used to create mystical worlds, beautiful lives, pretty faces and cute boys 😉 (Come on girls! I know you’ve had a crush on a male character in some book)

What about you? What makes your head fill with terrific ideas and pushes you beyond yourself?

No matter what it is, it is special. It is cool. It is you.

Let’s do this!!



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Hey there!!

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a failure when it comes to making choices between all things awesome. I can not choose to save my life!

(Let me know in the comments if this happens with you too).

So when I started this blog, I was really confused on what to write. However, taking the advice of a well-wisher, I did as she suggested.

And it helped.

A lot.

I started my blog like it is now, however, I do certainly plan to venture into different kinds of topics, and basically explore the vast variety.

I hope to get through it with your love and support! Believe me, every like and and every time you guys comment on my posts, it really fills me with confidence and a motivation to write again. Write more. Write better.

Your involvement mean A LOT!!!! 🙂



pexels-photo-277013.jpeg I pushed you away,

I really did.

But you refused to budge.




I had to get you out of my life,

Before you walked away on your own,

Leaving me broken.

I saw no reason why you’d want to stay,

But you did.




You would turn out to be just like others.

A liar.


And I would end up the same,

Wounded and Broken.


I can’t trust this to go on


I can’t trust you


I can’t trust my heart.


So all I can say is “Go”

And you said was “I’ll be waiting”, before you turned away and left.

Bringing tears to my eyes,

And leaving me an impending question in big, bold letters:







Happy Birthday My Sweetie!!!!




Awwwwwwwwwww  you too??!! Ugh! You’re seventeen too now!! Like my other bestfriend.


And, I’m sorry for not being there for your birthday too. 😦

But I love you loadssssss.

So pardon me 😛

I can’t help but remember the day when we ACTUALLY BECAME FRIENDS!!!!

Both of us were part of the “Fashion Rampwalk” Could we be anymore pathetic? XD

But at least I found you there 🙂

Guess there’s a reason behind everything.

You are a really good friend, I’ll give that to you. You listen to everything that I have to say and the best part? You NEVER judge. You take my side no matter what. You’re awesome. Stay like that okay?

I miss our long conversion in the bus, sitting at the very end. I miss running to your class as soon as the bell rang for short break. I miss the part when we used to talk about others and ALWAYS AGREED. You are like my Twin Soul.

I’m am really happy to have you in my life and I promise, I’ll visit. Soon. Pakka!

Have a wonderful day and stay strong and positive, like you always are.

You are my bestest friend, and you will always be.


P.S. I still remember that Carnival Day at school.

P.P.S. You owe me Rs. 30 because of that “gola” I bought for you. Never mind. Use that money and buy something nice for yourself XD. Muah!


Happy Birthday Girl!!


Awwwww!!! My baby’s 17!!! My God!! I still can’t believe this. It can’t be true. You’re not wise enough yet!!(It’s not like you’ll ever be)

But, I give you my best wishes for the day! Have a blast!

I’m sooooo sorry I’m not there with you! But I’ll make it up to you somehow.

I still remember the first time you ever talked to. It went like this:

You: Hey can I sit with you?

Me(inwardly): Oh God NO! (to you) Uh sorry, actually I’m ill so you might catch it.

You: Oh okay.(smiles and walks away)


*Later that day*

Class Teacher: (assigns desk partners for the rest of the YEAR!!!)*you* go and sit with her(me).


You: Hi(sits with me)

Me:(wants to make as less conversion as possible) *nods*


*A few days later*


Me:OMG HI!!!!!!!!

You: Soooo wassup??

Me: Ehhh the usual… you?


*A few months later*

-Art period

You:*singing “Anaconda”*

Me: Stop

You:” My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t
My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun” *winks*

Me: Ew. Stop you freak.

You: Okay seriously. If I sing again, pinch me.

Me: Sure!!

*next second*

You:”My anaconda don’t, my anaconda don’t…… OWWWW”

Me: *grins*

Let me remind you, all this happened it EIGHTH GRADE!!! XD

I miss you so much!! I wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Love you loads!!!!

Miss your PJs(not really)


P.S. “God is Omnipotent” XD

Have a great day my bae anaconda.



I know you can

It’s a totally different world out there.

But you’ll fit in no matter what.

Cuz there’s always gonna be

A place for you, uniquely yourself….

In their hearts.

I can see the bounce in your steps,

The excitement on your face.

The sparkle in your eyes,

The reddening of your cheeks.


I can see it very clearly,

You’re ready for this.

You have it all,

There’s nothing amiss.

I know there’s a side to you-

Hidden away,

Fallen apart,



But I believe in you

And I know nothing can stop you.

I can see the zeal,

The spirit,

The fire,

Burning away….

It makes you who you are.


Don’t you ever tell me that you want to give up and leave it all behind,

Or that you can’t.


I know you can.


“Sparkle In Your Eyes”

Something to remember…….

There are always memories you take along in every new chapter of your life. You can never forget them even if you haven’t spoken or thought about it in years! This includes eating out of each others lunch boxes, sitting on the last bench in class, secretly crushing on this “awesome” person in your class(we’ve all been through that one! 😉 ), waiting for your favorite period and desperately waiting for the one you hate to end. We all clearly remember that. This post is dedicated to all my classmates, friends, enemies, acquaintances and teachers, who have been with me for the past few years (grade 8 and specially grade 9 and 10).

From passing chits in the class to debating whether we were right in our judgement to crush on a particular guy to discussing about the latest YouTube video to studying last moment for the upcoming class-test, each act of our silliness adds up to all the fun we had. I still remember how we used to discuss our future careers as if we actually had any idea, those long debates about whether our Geography teacher ever wore the same dress twice, when we used to plan mass-bunking and the 25 of us skip school, relate to incidents of each others life which we deemed extremely important or when we used to try and utilize every single millisecond of the 5 minutes when one period transitioned into the other……….

The best time I had was the sleepover trip in grade 10 (which was COMPULSORY). I seriously had a blast each minute of the trip…..from waking up at 6:00 am to sleeping at 2:00 am. I can’t believe how lucky I was to have such great friends who looked out for me and supported me. Then the farewell……. I think I cried in buckets? Reason 1: I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND I NEVER WANT TO LEAVE THEM!! Reason 2: Nobody knew that I was shifting to another city once the academic year got over. Reason 3,4,5,6………. : I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!

Looking back to all these incidents now makes me realize that every second filled with smiles and tears that I spend makes my life. This also makes me more aware and cherish all moments with my friends and family… Now that we are away from each other, I relive all my memories and hope we meet very  soon….