not so different

Photographer: Vaibhav Sanghvi

we watch the sun rise;
and set.

it is the same sun for you and me;
but you and I have never met.

the same sun and the moon,
and peace from the sky that I get,

it is the same sky when turns a raging hue;
makes you upset.

you think you are different from me;
but you forget.

they are the same stars we look at each night.
and yet,

you think we are nothing alike;
but we share the same regret.

you see the flaws and i miss out on the best
we’re similar; we cry and we fret.

the life we are losing out on;
our years gone by are a threat.

you and I are miles apart
and yet,

we watch the same sun rise;
and set.

-Snehal Chandra

(May 2022)


restless heart

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I didn’t choose to be here today, typing words in a frenzy.
No, it was my restless heart.

I didn’t choose to fall in love, aching to be loved too.
No, it was my restless heart.

It wasn’t my anxiety, my nervousness when I was with you
No, that was my restless heart.

Those butterflies, and my racing pulse as you held me closer
No, that too, was my restless heart.

The promise of forever, the one to stay together
Yes, it was my restless heart.

hi again!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on here. However, recently I decided to start posting here again. I wrote something small yesterday night and put it up, do check it out. And going ahead, I’ll start blogging here once more.

Let’s see!

bbye for now 🙂

r a i n

Water falls from this never-ending sky,
falls onto my skin, hard and dry.

It soothes me and burns me too,
its sound whispering secrets that just the both of us knew.

The rain is a home for my happiness,
no misery, my face shows pure bliss.

Like a thousand shimmery beads they lash
then there’s a thunder, with a warning flash.

Drip drip drip,
now the raindrop falls on my lip.

Hey there!!

One thing you need to know about me is that I am a failure when it comes to making choices between all things awesome. I can not choose to save my life!

(Let me know in the comments if this happens with you too).

So when I started this blog, I was really confused on what to write. However, taking the advice of a well-wisher, I did as she suggested.

And it helped.

A lot.

I started my blog like it is now, however, I do certainly plan to venture into different kinds of topics, and basically explore the vast variety.

I hope to get through it with your love and support! Believe me, every like and and every time you guys comment on my posts, it really fills me with confidence and a motivation to write again. Write more. Write better.

Your involvement mean A LOT!!!! 🙂



pexels-photo-277013.jpeg I pushed you away,

I really did.

But you refused to budge.




I had to get you out of my life,

Before you walked away on your own,

Leaving me broken.

I saw no reason why you’d want to stay,

But you did.




You would turn out to be just like others.

A liar.


And I would end up the same,

Wounded and Broken.


I can’t trust this to go on


I can’t trust you


I can’t trust my heart.


So all I can say is “Go”

And you said was “I’ll be waiting”, before you turned away and left.

Bringing tears to my eyes,

And leaving me an impending question in big, bold letters:







I know you can

It’s a totally different world out there.

But you’ll fit in no matter what.

Cuz there’s always gonna be

A place for you, uniquely yourself….

In their hearts.

I can see the bounce in your steps,

The excitement on your face.

The sparkle in your eyes,

The reddening of your cheeks.


I can see it very clearly,

You’re ready for this.

You have it all,

There’s nothing amiss.

I know there’s a side to you-

Hidden away,

Fallen apart,



But I believe in you

And I know nothing can stop you.

I can see the zeal,

The spirit,

The fire,

Burning away….

It makes you who you are.


Don’t you ever tell me that you want to give up and leave it all behind,

Or that you can’t.


I know you can.


“Sparkle In Your Eyes”